Festival Art Souterrain, Montreal


Monuments series exhibited in Centre de Commerce Mondial, Montreal:

Exhibition from February 27th to March 20th


La série Monuments est exposée au Centre de Commerce mondial de Montréal, durant le festival art Souterrain. L'exposition a lieu du 27 février au 20 mars



Trades series @Noorderlicht festival 2013

Noorderlicht Photofestival 2013

From 1 September through 13 October, 2013, Noorderlicht is mounting five exhibitions and 20 smaller international presentations. This photographic event takes place at a new cultural venue: the Old Sugar Factory, an impressive industrial complex in Groningen. 

Trades series will be shown in a printed version in one of the festival's main shows:
"To Have and Have Not" 

Groningen, The Netherlands
September 1 through October 13
Opening August 31

Arles 2012: Hypermarket is the place.

I am really proud to participate to this collective exhibition "Digital Heritage" at the Last Hypermarket in Arles.

What is this exhibition about ?

"[...]not the digital works as a central subject but rather as a practice assimilated by many authors using photography[...]"

which is definitely the way it should be!


Some pictures from my "Elements" series will be displayed there.


Conferences schedule :

"Datascapes" in Fotografia festival, Roma, IT, Sept.23 to Oct.23, 2011

I will participate to Fotografia festival 2011 (10th edition) with a large selection of Monuments series images in the "Datascape" show curated by Valentina Tanni.


The theme of the Festival’s 10th edition is  MOTHERLAND,  a word that should stimulate an analysis of the relationship between land and identity, between territory and values, between roots and the complexity of contemporary life, with a special focus on Italy, which this year is celebrating its first century and a half of unit


Please visit the festival website for more info about the multitude of other exhibitions

Intervalles series at "Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie 2010". 23 bis 25 April 2010, Darmstadt, Germany.

I am very honored to participate to the main exhibition at this year's Darmstadt days for Photography along with a great selection of artists.


n°89 from the Intervalles series, 2004

Artists Participating in the Exhibition at the Design House:

  • Eugen-Bracht-Weg 6, 64287 Darmstadt
  • Sophie Calle - autobiographies
  • Kyungwoo Chun - Breathing
  • Kaylynn Deveney - The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings
  • John Divola - AS Far AS I Could Get
  • Thekla Ehling - Summer Heart
  • Izima Kaoru - Landscape with a Corpse
  • George Knoll - A walk on Berlin Wall
  • Hans-Christian Schink - 1h
  • Mona Simon - memories of a beloved city
  • Waswo X. Waswo - A Studio in Rajasthan
  • Michael Wesely - How Wesely time have pictures
  • Mathieu Bernard-Reymond - intervalles

This group exhibition is organised by the Darmstadt days of photography, in close cooperation with the curator Ute Noll and Prof. Kris Scholz.

More info: