Announcing: Fototropia, collective exhibition, Guatemala City

Select, from the  Elements  series, 2010

Select, from the Elements series, 2010

Guatemala City from May 29rd - Jul 13th , 2013.

  Fototropía aims to connect and collaborate with different photographers, visual artists, curators, cultural promoters, collectors, other institutions and the general public by producing innovative exhibits that break the mold of traditional art venues in the region. Fototropía is another project by La Fototeca in order to achieve its goal of educating, promoting, documenting and celebrating photography as a contemporary medium.

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Elements series at 14-1 Galerie, Stuttgart. March 19th to April 21th

The French located artist Mathieu Bernard-Reymond explores, extends and ultimately challenges the basic concepts of "reality" and "truth" simultaneously in his creation. In his series “Elements” 2010/2011, which will be shown the first time in the gallery, Mathieu Bernard-Reymond gambles with the reality of images and tries to conquer old-fashioned perceptual patterns with digital manipulation. He deals with enlargement, coincidence , enhacement and recapitulations. By gathering and demonstrating moments of disarrangements, the series “Elements” describes a metadicourse about creating and alterting images.

"The series “Elements” collects fragments of a story forever unfinished. They are allusions to the process of creating and manipulating images. Where the action of fabricating a credible reality has suddenly been interrupted and the images are displayed in their unfinished state... The process is an attempt to show the forbidden areas where creative tools become a tangible part of the subject. Sometimes we may even be taken back to the reality presented, as if the digital manipulations were reaching into the realm of actual surface or penetrating materials as basic as the components of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements. I choose to show things I usually hide in order to continue to tell the tale of what lies beneath the images I encounter." (Mathieu Bernard-Reymond).

Opening: Friday, March 18th 2011, 7pm
14-1 Galerie
Galerienhaus Stuttgart
Breitscheidstr. 48
70176 Stuttgart