Anouncing: Art Paris Art Fair with new works.

LEH_20080911 from the Trades series, 2012
Graphical representation of the 1'340'271 trades occurring between 4:15 and 16:00 on the 11.09.2008 for the Lehman Brothers Stock (LEH) on the US Equities market, including pre-market trades, and day sessions.Position of the dots reflects time of the trade to the millisecond (reads from top to bottom, right to left). Size of the dots reflects volume of the trade. Halo reflects amount of simultaneous trades.
Color reflects the price of the stock. On sept 15 2008, Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy. On the 17th, before end of quotation, one LEH stock was worth 0.13 USD.

Never seen works at Art Paris Art Fair, Baudoin Lebon booth E11
Grand Palais
March 28th to April 1st, 2013